Beixo Gsus - Chainless - 8 Speed

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The CHAINLESS Gsusbike is a cooperation between Beixo and Gsus industries, the Dutch clothing brand. Both put their passion for bikes in this project. The Gsusbike is inspired on the bikes riding in Asian urban jungles like Tokio. It's short, manoeuvrable and very fast bike, to feel free in the heavy traffic. Strong brakes for the unexpected. Beautifully finished and equipped with top parts like the Shimano Alfine 8-speed hub and Shimano Deore hydraulic disk brakes. A Beixo has no old fashioned, greasy chain but an innovative, reliable and clean shaft drive system. No more dirty hands or clothes. A Beixo is strong, compact and above all: beautiful.

How it works:
Shaft-driven bikes have a large bevel gear where a conventional bike would have its chainring. This meshes with another bevel gear mounted on the driveshaft. The use of bevel gears allows drive from the pedals to be turned through 90 degrees. The driveshaft then has another bevel gear near the rear wheel hub which meshes with a bevel gear on the hub where the rear sprocket would be on a conventional bike. The 90-degree change of the drive plane that occurs at the bottom bracket and again at the rear hub requires the use of bevel gears.

All our bicycles are fully boxed and delivered from The Netherlands directly to your doorstep by a courier and therefore a signature will be required. All our bicycles require some assembly which should be able to be completed by the purchaser. The assembly will vary from bicycle to bicycle, but usually is no more than inserting and tightening seat post, pedals and handlebars.
NOTE: Approx 90 -100% is already assembled upon receipt, and has gone through stringent quality control checks by the manufacturer and/or wholesaler.

Please find below a few of our testimonials we received from a few of our beixo customers:

"Just wanted to say thanks for delivering my Beixo Compact 7 promptly, order on 14th May @ 8pm and delivered 19th May @10am. After completing the minor assembly required and adjustments I am very pleased with my new bike.
This is the first chainless bike I have owned and it is a very easy smooth clean ride.
All the best for future success and I would happily recommend you to friends and family"

Neil Metcalfe, Hampshire UK


"Look Mum - No Chain or Chainset or Chainguard - and NO OILY HANDS!"
Whilst on holiday in France in November I discovered this lovely Dutch bike in a shop in Nice, and decided to buy it on my return. It is a first in UK and I am delighted with it - built like a Mercedes!
The cardan drive shaft is cleverly built in to the rear stay and is guaranteed for many years"

Clyde Aylin, Bury, Cambs

Comes with a 5 year guarantee on the frame, 3 years on the cardan drive and 1 year on moving parts.

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Beixo Gsus - Chainless - 8 Speed

Additional Information

Model Beixo Gsus - Chainless
Gender Unisex
Rims Aluminium, double wall
Transmission Shaft Drive
Gears 8 Shimano Alfine
Dimensions 151 x 81 x 56cm (lxhxb)
Brakes Shimano Deore LX hydraulic disc brakes 160mm
Rider specifications Minimal seat height: 75cm - Minimal steer height: 100cm
Tyres 20 x 2.10, Tioga Factory FS100
Country of Origin The Netherlands
Frame 50cm
Fork Suntour SF7-EPICON-RLD 120mm with Remote speed-lock
Handlebar 56cm with 30mm raise